For new families joining our programs, and a refresher to families who have been with us for a while. Here is some background information on our organization and the folks who are behind it.


These parents and volunteers are very valuable to our organization and we can’t thank them enough for the time they give to help out with our kids. Without their dedication and support of our programs, we might not be on the field, the court, the course or the ice!

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of Anna Willson, Frank Brock, Scott Chambers, Cindy Heaslip, Diane Vrooman,  Michelle Guthrie, Ron Guthrie and Trevor Nichol. 
Frank is a retired banker who was enlisted many years ago to help coach by Dick Gibbons and he has become the center of our coaching volunteers. Scott, Trevor, Michelle and Ron are all busy parents, with special needs children, who work full-time outside the home, but also dedicate time to our organization. Cindy Heaslip is a busy respite worker and joined us a few years ago to help with the annual golf tournament - she is also very active in the annual Jarvis Relay for Life. Diane is now retired, and although her children are grown and on their own, grandchildren have arrived, and life doesn’t seem to have slowed down much. As the Board of Directors it is our responsibility to ensure that the organization is run according to the structure mandated by government, and to see that funds are handled appropriately. 

We are looking for new executive members for our Board of Directors as it is time for some of us to pass the torch.If you would be interested in joining the Board and helping to ensure that South Coast Special Needs continues into the future, please contact Scott Chambers at 519-587-4255 or Diane at 519-426-0363. It requires very little of your time - only a few meetings each year.

Fund Raising Committee

The Fund Raising Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the annual ladies’ golf tournament and the annual Poker Run. The members are; Scott Chambers, Cindy Heaslip, Anna Willson, Michelle Guthrie, Ron Guthrie, Jeremy Renton, Diane Vrooman, Gary Montgomery and Trevor Nichol.
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